16 November 2014

Gladiators, start your engines!

For the first expansion since Apocrypha, in Rhea new wormhole systems are being added to New Eden's universe. It will not be possible to anchor POSs in any of these systems due to the lack of any moons. The lack of moons is being explained by every single planet being Shattered, leading to the classification of this new type of space as 'S-space'. As well as the lack of moons to anchor POSs at these new systems have several other features to distinguish them from the W-space I am so familiar with:
  • Landmark sites
  • High frequency of wormholes
  • Extra-rich asteroid belts
  • Ice mining
In addition to this list there will be no possibility of getting capital ships into S-space, either by flying, jumping or construction. It seems CCP are really pushing back to basics with this new space. I've read at least one comment suggestion CCP are creating new space to remove features (read: cap and supercap ships) they would like gone from K-space but could never risk the player outrage to do so.

Out of the 101 systems there is one extra-special new solar system called Thera. In addition to the above features Thera will also have four dockable stations. These stations have the normal facilities of industry, repair, medical and a market. Currently you can even install a jump clone in one if you want. The two things which distinguish this system from any other K-space system is the lack of jump gates and its massive size.

As mentioned Thera has a market to buy your ships, there are medical facilities so if you get podded you don't have to find your way back in, this is technically nullsec so there are no security status penalties for engaging in combat. In addition to the above Rhea also brings the removal of clone costs to protect your skill points after being podded. The sum of the above is CCP are essentially introducing a combat arena to New Eden. In true CCP style this is not an honourable arena where 1v1 battles are forced to be honoured, rather this is more like a free for all with no end.

- Want to fleet up to kill that Machariel?
- Sure, but can I shoot you after it dies?
- Okay!

There are already cries that the large nullsec alliances will just move in, assert control and ruin it for everyone. Those same arguments appear for almost every new feature CCP release. Yes, it is a possibility but rather than assume this potentially wonderful new feature will be a flop how about supporting what it could be. Go out and help to realise the potential of Thera as a bloody battlefield of epic proportions. Install a jump clone and when you want some casual, consentual, unprotected pewpew head over to Thera to die gloriously.

Enjoy the Outback: Station camping on Sisi


  1. ... rather than assume this potentially wonderful new feature will be a flop how about supporting what it could be.
    Huh... wish moar players had felt that way back during Incarna... or for that, matter... ever.

    The only thing really broken and wrong with or about EVE Online is... the more vocal segments of it's playerbase.

    1. Thing with Incarna is CCP over-promised and under-delivered. I believe people would love to spend time playing 'space-barbie' walking in stations with their buddies. When Incarna came out I was truly gutted to find we couldn't leave our single room. I would love for CCP to finish that aspect of EVE although living in w-space I'd rarely see it.

      You are not wrong about the more vocal segments of the playerbase being broken. I avoid the eve-o forums as much as possible for that reason. There is nothing that drains my enthusiasm for playing EVE more than reading people needlessly whine about pointless things without providing any constructive comments on how to better do $thing.