28 January 2014

CCP fix Nullsec in Rubicon 1.1

Today saw the release of Rubicon 1.1. The patch notes documented many updates, fixes and new features. CCP does like to provide surprise changes which delight everyone and this patch was no exception. That's right folks, Rubicon 1.1 was the patch where CCP finally fixed nullsec.

common reaction from a nullsec pilot today

Elsewhere in nullsec pilots were struggling to deal with the harsh reality of living in a properly lawless place in space. I too cannot imaging dealing with a game where local doesn't work and standings aren't visible... Oh wait, I already deal with that everyday in wormholes.

Obviously never lived in wormholes
Of course CCP will have to deal with this really fast. Clearly there would be chaos if the rank and file in nullsec got to have too much fun or if the nullbears couldn't mine in safety with their intel network unable to report hostiles in system without ever laying eyes on them. I joyfully await the news of CCP rolling the database back to Sunday due to 'technical issues'. What dead hundered supercaps?? CCP troll, best troll.

Update 29 Jan 2014: CCP have broken this again and standings are visible once more. Boo, CCP.

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