1 November 2013

For Posterity

With CCP turning off the old portrait server for the last time I decided to record my past and present looks here for posterity. I think Orea aged reasonably well, but Dhal is looking a bit tired. Dhal does have the excuse of being 4 years older.

Oreamnos Amric - circa YC111Oreamnos Amric - November YC115
Dhal Ramat - circa YC108 Dhal Ramat - November YC115


  1. Dhal looks like he got into an argument with a short girl whose right hand has 4 very long fingers. Some alien maybe? But overall, much improved looks. Where did you get the old portraits from?

    1. Until recently CCP had a server serving the old portraits. I already had a copy of Oreamnos saved but not one of Dhal. Thankfully, evewho are using the old portraits just now and cached their own copy. Here's Epigene for you.

  2. Thought about saving my old portrait... Then I saw how ugly I was and decided to just RIP it...

  3. Rhianna kurosawa10/04/2014, 09:48

    Man Orea, you is ugly