8 October 2013

Cry, babies

The complaining nature of the average, vocal EVE player seems to know no bounds. At every twist and turn there are people threatening to cancel their twelve accounts and go play My Little Pony online just because CCP elected to change some minor aspect of the game. Heaven forbid they actually make some broad sweeping change that would mean people had to, you know, play the game rather than make ISK some other easy way. More recently the pointless bitterness has spilled over into CCP planning to give out very rare or non-existent ships as prizes via Somer Blink. This may or may not have been the best executed plan ever by CCP but the fact remains that CCP own all these groups of pixels and can do what they want with them as they see fit. Nevertheless, CCP relented and changed the prizes to a different pattern of pixels which is apparently just fine.

Much ado about nothing

The latest stupid bitter debate that has kicked off is CCP deciding to give Somer Blink some Ishokone Watch Scorpions as a 'thank you' for their work towards promoting EVE to the community and also sponsoring in-game events. The latest batch of complaints is, in my opinion, just a weak arsed excuse to continue the previous assault on Somer Blink and CCP. While there may have been a point to the Gold Magnate and Guardian Vexor argument, complaining about CCP giving these ships to Somer Blink is bat-shit crazy. The ships exist to be given out by CCP as gifts. CCP can do what the bloody hell they want with them. The crux of the argument seems to rotate around Somer Blink is a profit making organisation and is already being rewarded enough. Now the last time I checked there was no way to move ISK out of the game. ISK is an in-game thing - it's not real, people! Ain't nobody making anything there, dipshits.

I really hope I'm just missing something here? I'd be pretty happy to bet these self-serving complainers would become amazingly silent if CCP gave out Ishokone Watch Scorpions to them as well. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Somer Blink does do good things to promote EVEOnline. CCP are right to encourage that and if you want one so bad how about putting your energies into something constructive rather than bitching all over the forums. Failing that, if all you really are capable of doing is spewing toxic vitriol over the forums then just maybe there is a place for you in Equestria after all.

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