21 August 2013

Splash One Legion

It was a quiet night even though there were a few of us on. Most people were up to little pieces here and there but nothing organised was happening. I suggested we clear out some of the sites in the home system and one other person was good to go. Nobody else was up for it and with just two of us it would have been more of a chore than anything.

"The responsible thing to do would be to get some ice product hauled in" I was told. Our reserves had dropped below a month, and with a K-space connection only six jumps from our storage offices they were right. Reluctantly I switched from my PvE Tengu to an Iteron V and headed out. At the same time I logged in my hauling alt and had her take an Orca the 22 jumps from her current location near Hevrice to rendezvoux with Orea in the corp office. I got the first load of ice product hauled in and was back for a second load before the Orca arrived. Filling both the Itty and the Orca I got them to the entry system and hauled the ice in.

I was taking the Orca back for another fill of Ice when the scout in C3a announced a Legion on d-scan. With eight Itty V loads of ice now in the hole I was quite happy to call it a night of hauling. "Can we get the Legion?", I asked. Just then my newly returned corp-mate Epigene logged in and we appraised him of the situation. "Where do you want me" was his reply. Game on. Epigene jumped into c3a at exactly the same time as the Legion jumped into our home system. Talk about a perfect cross-jump. Gerandor in his Broadsword put a bubble up and I reshipped into a Brutix and aligned to the outbound hole.

The bubble had the desired effect: The Legion panicked and jumped right back out into the waiting clutches of Epigene. Polarized, he now had nowhere to go. I hit warp while Gerandor announced he was jumping through to get the Legion bubbled in c3a. This ship was not getting away. Evidently I had hit warp when Gerandor's bubble was still up and I landed 15 km from the hole. Burning the remaining distance I jumped through and burned at the Legion. I am very out of practice with drones and generally forget I have them. This time I didn't and set them loose on the target. Guns blaring, medium neut running, I settled into a lazy orbit around the Legion and watched as his armour melted away.

We didn't expect the self destruct message. In fact we didn't notice it until reviewing combat logs later. The Legion died with 60 seconds left on that clock anyway. The pod died very soon afterwards. This left us puzzled. Why did he initiate self-destruct? Is there some way to dodge a skill point loss by doing that? I need to get on SiSi at some point and check that, unless anyone here can clue me in.

It was with our home well replenished with fuel and a new kill or two on the killboard I went to bed. Sure we didn't get to run sites but who wants more ISK anyway...

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