13 March 2013

Death Race: YC115

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about it, but just in case you've somehow missed the news here is something you should take part in. The Tuskers are hosting a Death Race this weekend. The basic premise is simple: pilots get in ships; pilots race from point a to point b to point c; first pilot there wins. With a death race there is of course a twist. This being EVE there will be people trying to kill the participants. This being EVE there will be participants trying to kill the participants. All in all it should be a whole barrel of fun.

The prize list currently looks like:
1st Place - 600m ISK, a Machariel and a 50 day TimeCard
2nd Place - 400m ISK and a 50 day TC
3rd Place - 300m ISK and a 50 day TC
4th Place - 100m ISK
5th Place - 75m ISK

In addition there are more prizes for 'interesting' methods of crossing the route. The full prize list can be seen on Rixx Javix's blog.

I have no idea if I will actually be able to take part but I'm going to be fitting a ship up for Geo to fly. Come 17:00 on Saturday if I can swing an hour of EVE time I'll be there. Where will you be?

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