4 December 2012

Extended downtime

Retribution is upon us. As I type this, it is ten minutes until the servers go down to allow CCP to release the Winter 2012 expansion to EVE Online - Retribution. With this expansion we get Bounty Hunting as a profession, we get an all new Crime Watch system waiting to be exploted; we get a whole menagerie of rebalanced ships as well as four new destroyers and a mining frigate. In what will probably be a shock to AFK mission runners the mission rat AI is being upgraded and will now switch targets. Finally, the UI has gone all web 2.0 with rounded corners on the targetting systems.

The only question left is: How long will downtime actually last?

CCP have published downtime as 09:00 until 11:35. My past experience is CCP always overruns on major patches by at least double so I'm going to predict 14:00 before we get back onto the servers.


  1. My skill queues are for 2 days each... just in case...

  2. It's already back. Zero already has a bounty on our collective heads. We were most wanted corp for a short period of time.