6 August 2012


Some time ago I read a very valid piece of advice on a random blog somewhere. The advice read something like:

In order to fully enjoy yourself in New Eden it is important to follow your own dream. Following someone else's dream will only lead to unhappiness.

This is important to remember. Play the game you want, not what someone else chooses for you.


  1. Makes me wonder what your dream might be ...

    ... and why there are literally thousands out there who follow someone else's dream.

  2. There is nothing wrong with following someone else's dream while it aligns with your own. The trick is to see when that changes *and* act.

    As for my dream... I'm not sure I know yet. With Z3R0 I consider myself a custodian of the corp. Z3R0 came with a mission statement that I bought into, so that was easy. For our new alliance I actually need to think. It will no doubt be an extension of Z3R0's ethos, but how does that apply on an alliance scale?

  3. And what about those who don't have one?
    Never really had, lost it in the meantime, or achieved it already?

    1. Ah then you just follow your intuition and wherever the wind blows you :)