30 January 2012

Unclaimed Space

Today I decided to partake in some mindless scanning. It's been a while since I've had the chance to properly get stuck in to checking out the tactical situation in our wormhole, and probably the first time since moving to the class 4 system. It was a nice and easy reintroduction with only five signatures: three sites already scanned down so just needed their codes updates; our static already scanned; ooh, a K162 to explore.

A quick check in our static revealed a system which should have static links to a class 3 system, which would give a very good chance of a route out to known space. Could be interesting but the K162 attracted me more. Depending on who you listen to, the very existence of the K162 meant someone had been to visit us and I want to know where they came from.

Jumping out the K162 took me to a system with a static hisec. Oh my, we're only two jumps to a hisec system. But what's this on my overview? A Territory Claim Unit... in a wormhole... um, last time I checked you couldn't claim wormhole space in an official manner. It would take a braver (or possibly more stupid) capsuleer than me to warp to the TCU, but just by chance I land at the planet nearest to it. Narrowing down d-scan shows there is a tower with many guns and a warp bubble in very close proximity to the TCU. Nice try guys but I don't think I fancy your trap.

There are more important things to take care of, namely finding this hisec route. Like my home system, this one only has five signatures. Discarding two ladar sites as uninteresting I find both static wormholes and a third exit wormhole. Bookmarking the statics I find myself again drawn to the mysterious K162, warping to it and landing at zero exactly at the same time as a Helios. The helios jumps through with my close behind eyeing my missile launchers hungrily. Emerging on the other side I quickly check the overview to see the helios warping off. Damn it, not quick enough. Oh, wait. I'm in hisec...

I report back to the home system with the plethora of hisec routes available to us and head back to station for a cold drink and a shower. Maybe I'll head back out in a little while - I still haven't shot anything for a while.

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