20 January 2012

Setting Up

Having completed my move into our new class 4 wormhole system it was time to start setting up some mining operations on the planets. We are quite fortunate to have a good selection of planets to work with, however this means I have too much choice what to actually make. As a result I sat doing nothing for far too long without making any decisions.

I know, I'll just make POS fuel while I decide what I should actually do.

The problem with sticking to POS fuel is that, while we need a reasonable reserve, it is rather bulky to just keep manufacturing and storing. Sensible limits will have to be created otherwise we'll be fuelling POSs just to store fuel. So for the short term this is a sensible option, but I need to make products refined to a higher level.

Ideally I should make products that are of some use to my industrial friend, Dhal, so maybe I'll just ask him what he wants to do. That way he'll suffer the financial hit of purchasing expensive blueprints, and not me.

Is this not pretty?
In the end, I only set up two planets as the process to do so can be quite repetitive and boring. It would be nice to just employ a foreman down on the planet to make sure stupid things like not routing the output of a process didn't result in it vanishing mysteriously. But these are the challenges we face until this particular capsule interface is deemed worthy of an upgrade.

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