21 September 2016

Not Entertainment

The problem with new player retention was inadvertently pigeonholed on comms tonight:
"It's PVE; you do it for the ISK, not the entertainment"
'Nuf said

12 September 2016

The Hidden Chair

Almost everything was unpacked now but there was still no sign of the writing chair. Oreamnos had been asking everyone he'd seen, and spent hours digging through the computer inventory, but it was as if the chair had never existed. Walking past his writing desk for what felt like the millionth time since the new office was set up Orea noticed a small piece of white paper had been left for his attention; the writing simply said "Check out the view".

There had been no reason to open the shutters on the office's massive view port. He knew the view of a distant sun was hugged by artificial representations of the wormhole system's planetary orbits. Still, the note had been left for a reason and with nothing better to do right now he might as well take another look outside. An instruction to the citadel's computer made the shutters slowly roll open.

"Bastards!", Oreamnos swore out loud to nobody in particular. There, right in the middle of his window, occluding the view and bracketed by the computer as 'Unknown' was the clear outline of his favourite leather writing chair. "I'll kill them all!"

Image by Rhiana Kurosawa, aka prime suspect

7 September 2016


"About bloody time" Oreamnos though as he wandered through the mess of his new office. In the corner, recently uncovered, was an antique oak writing desk which he hadn't seen for weeks. Looking around he realised the battered leather chair which went with the desk was yet to be unpacked.

Stalking off, muttering about incompetent janitorial staff, Orea went to see if his new citadel contained a decent glass of rum anywhere.

26 June 2016

When Bloggers Collide

My friend and fellow blogger, Splatus, finally managed to vacation in the UK. After over five years of playing EVE together we finally got to meet in person. He also brought a gift which will give me many hours of reading enjoyment.
I also had a gift for him, a good beer and glass with the alliance logo etched on it.
It was great to finally meet someone I've been in almost daily contact with, through EVE, for five years. I was told it can't take so long until our next meeting but next time I've to go to the USA. I'd better renew my passport then.

31 May 2016

EVE Launcher for Linux

In the distant past I used Linux as my main home PC operating system. I didn't play many games back then and being able to run successfully on Linux was pretty much a requirement for me even trying a game. As my professional career gave me more and more freedom to play with various technologies on Linux I spent less time playing with them at home. This freed up time was soon put to good use and I started playing more games.

I still spent a fair amount of time trying to get a sufficiently performant experience with EVE in Linux. I could definitely get it working but there were always some niggles, not least was that my PC was getting old and the performance hit from running EVE on top of a translation layer made it worse. Ultimately I gave up and just ran EVE under Windows. I would occasionally foray back into EVE on Linux on various work computers but never got anything I would call 'satisfying'.

I randomly stumbled across a post in the EVE forums yesterday talking about the EVE Launcher being available for Linux. Apparently this is something that CCP Snorlax has been working on as a side project. It downloads and installs its own custom build of WINE on which EVE will run. The forum thread I linked, above, is pretty active so if you give this wonderful side project of CCP Snorlax a go and get stuck there's a good chance you can get some help there.

I've yet to try this myself. As always all I have running Linux is an ancient laptop. I hope to give this a go at the weekend but I'm pretty sure all it will do is turn the laptop into molten plastics.

30 May 2016

Opportunities Knock

Last month I wrote about CCP introducing what amounted to 'daily quests' on the test server. These have finally arrived on the live server and I'm happy to see that rats in w-space also count towards the gifted skill points. A few of us had hoped that the daily opportunity would be per character, thus giving us the chance to earn extra SP for all our alts. Sadly this is not the case and you can only earn 10,000 SP extra per account, per day.

I suspect this is to prevent more experienced players who don't want or need the SP from simply farming it. If you used all three characters to do this you could fill three skill extractors every 7 weeks. Selling those on would have given enough ISK to cover a PLEX. Essentially the monthly cost of playing EVE would have halved for people who didn't need this SP.

I guess doing it this way is probably a good thing. However, given the alt-centric nature of EVE, it would probably benefit newer players to be able to accelerate the training of the two alts they get on an account. Maybe CCP could allow the bonus SP to be per character providing said character has less than five million SP? Then new players would be able to rapidly train the low SP, highly specialised alts most experienced players have access to.

23 May 2016

Sovless Goons

I've been watching with vague interest at the whole World War Bee thing. Along with most of New Eden I put an alt into Pandemic Horde. I didn't do that because I have any particular hatred of Goons/CFC/Imperium, rather it was the easy route in for random fights. I can't say I've been particularly active as I'll always log in to my wormhole corp. first. There's been some fun roams, some total whelps, and a couple of totally boring moments sitting doing nothing. As I've mentioned here before the propaganda flowing from the war has been excellent. To my mind that's been the best part of the war entirely.

Throughout the war so far the basic scheme of things has been thousands of Money Badger's shouting "Grr Goons" while taking sov from said Goons. On the Goons side they've been readily declaring how they didn't want that sov anyway whilst getting somewhat excited about Horde tears and crushing victories over "strategic Thrasher fleets". To be honest I've been somewhat disappointed by the Imperium response. I've been around since 2009 and there's been some impressive shows of force by the then CFC which has been totally lacking this time around. What could have been the next great war in New Eden has been a damp squib where the largest and most experienced coalition has been excited about shooting fish in barrels.

Today it was highlighted to me that Goons have finally reached their target. They currently hold sovereignty in absolutely zero systems in New Eden. No matter what happens now it is incredibly unlikely that we will see any Goon supercaps in battle any time soon. They no longer have the infrastructure available to them to rebuild any losses. We are all poorer from this turn of affairs. Nonetheless I hope that with zero systems claimed Goons now feel ready for the fight back. With no sov, they truly satisfy the conditions to stage their uncatchily-named "War of Sov-less Aggression".