24 January 2012


Gradually over time I am becoming more inclined to seek out a kill rather than shy away from it. Tonight I decided to just spend a little time massaging the output of my workers down on some of the planets in our wormhole system. While in warp to the POS I noticed a scanner probe on d-scan. A quick check with the only other active pilot in the system confirmed it was not a probe belong to us. He cheerfully suggested it might belong to the Anathema who just appeared on d-scan, followed by a further 4 scanner probes.

Hmm, the planets can wait...

When I landed on the POS I turned tail so I could cloak back up and not scare the poor defenseless creature away. The shared corporate locations revealed three wormholes in system so I warped to the top location hoping to catch the Anathema leaving. Sadly there was no Anathema there or likely to appear there; this location no longer contained a wormhole.

Okay, he'll be on the second locat... damnit, no wormhole.

Third time lucky, but now I was distracted with cleaning up the shared locations and arrived in perfect range of the Anathema but unprepared. Hell, did he jump through or cloak? Why was I not paying attention? I'm sure I could've locked him up. I console myself knowing he'd probably have jumped through anyway before I could send him a present or three.

I sense what little hunt just happened has gone slightly stale as I jump through to see if my little friend is through there. Checking d-scan reveals nothing. I bounce to the next wormhole provided by out intel and jump through. Still nothing on d-scan. I hang around for a couple of minutes checking d-scan regularly but see nothing. Jumping back one hop I hope for some contact but there is none.

Oh well, back to managing planets.

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