31 January 2012

Shooting Sleepers

After this afternoon's double hisec discovery I was intrigued to find out what my corp. mates were up to this evening. I had been otherwise engaged and paying no attention so I was surprised to find a small number of people active but not actually doing anything. I quickly realised I had a strong desire to shoot at something.

Sadly nobody was willing for me to loose off several rounds of rockets at them so we considered our options for killing Sleepers. A quick chat came to the realisation that we probably didn't have enough ships present to run our combat sites efficiently, so we checked the alternatives. Still a couple of Ladar and Grav sites. Well, needs must.

Jumping into the first Ladar site with two Drakes and we make short work of the handful of frigates present. As my first taste of Sleeper combat in our new home this was something of an anti-climax. Was that really it? Okay, second site and this time a slightly more challenging mix of frigates and cruisers. The draw of activity proves to much for the rest of my corp. and we also field a slightly more challenging offensive fleet of Tengus in addition to the Drakes. The result is, of course, a rapid and overwhelming defeat for the Sleepers.

Now the real excitement begins - sucking gas. Unfortunately I don't have a ship set up to partake in this paramount of excitement, so I have to pass the honours on to a corp. mate while I head back to the tower to have a drink and a sleep.

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