30 April 2015

Missing Critical

Rolling some of our excessive number of inbound connection we discovered a disturbing pattern. First one pilot got locked out in their Helios, then I got my Orca rolled out. The pattern was neither hole went mass critical before collapsing. Initially we assumed bad maths but the pattern was further repeated when a third hole collapsed on a return journey by an Orca on a hole which wasn't critical.

I accept that in either of the cases with the Orca jumping back it is technically possible to flatten a hole from reduced all the way to gone. To do this three times in one night is unprecedented by us. To find out if CCP have dramatically changed how wormholes behave we need more data points. So, dear reader, have you encountered any unexpected changes to wormhole mechanics?

I'm off to scout my Orca back from lowsec...


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  2. (Deleted and reposted bekus I kant tiipe... =\ )

    Hrm... I feel a disturbance in teh blogsphere.... like a buncha wormholeres cried out as the hole unexpectedly closed behind them... =]

    I hope this is moar, "Too Much Talk Talk, Not Enough OMFG..." By this I mean, to paraphrase me... "I wish CCP would reintroduce the wondrous element of DISCOVERY, bring back an air MYSTERY and add a touch of THE UNKNOWN to our game. ...allow us to DISCOVER EVE on our own."

  3. Rats... copy n paste does not capture HTML tags... "Too Much Talk Talk, Not Enough OMFG…" I LOVE that CCP is not telling us 'everything' anymore!!! and I really do hope against hope that this is real and is one moar sign that A Wondrous World of Wonder and Death once again awaits us ...out there in The Black. =]

  4. Someone pinged me on twitter to say this is a known issue.

    To be honest I'd be okay if CCP got rid of the critically reduced stage of a hole's lifecycle. I'd even be okay if they massively increased the variance of total mass that passed through. I do think they need to announce changes to well understood mechanics though. Replacing them with mechanics which aren't well known and giving innate randomness to those would be acceptable.

    1. Don't get me wrong... I am not saying I want random death or mechanics that change important aspects of risk on a constantly random basis... But if they make a change to something that could be described as "naturally occurring phenomena" in EVE, something like the timers and observable effects of the critical stage of wormholes... then let us Discover, Document and Disseminate it on our on, same we do with "naturally occurring phenomena" in the 'verse we inhabit IRL.

      'Change' in the real world is THE only true constant... but God does not put out patch notes IRL... so while granted EVE is a game and all, I would still really prefer if the Gods of EVE gave us just a little of that Discovery and Wonder and a Sense of The Unknown by not giving us every frakkin detail...

      CCP leave some changes and new stuff for us to derp into on our own... mebbe even a few really dangerous changes and deadly new stuff... I want EVE to be Exciting not documented and rote and known and boring...

    2. Mmm, yeah, you have a point.