16 March 2014


I normally check the alliance killboard in the morning when I'm having breakfast. Today I was up earlier than normal for the Australian F1 race so my brain was more sleep-addled than normal. When I checked the killboard I was convinced that we had lost some capitals overnight. It took a little while for my brain to realise the capitals were on a green background.

3 Caps + 1 T3 + 1 Pod = 22 Bn ISK
The Moros was worth 6.7 Bil, the Naglfar was worth 6.8 Bil and the Thanatos was 7.2 Bil. The pod was pretty tasty too. I missed getting in on this action by an hour. Admittedly if I hadn't been getting up stupidly early to watch motorsport it would have been more like four hours, but still. Nice kills boys, I'm proud of you.

Update: An after action report has been written by someone actually there. It makes for a good read.

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