29 March 2014

Geo Update

It has been several months since I last wrote about my pure PvP character, Geo. Back then I had just joined Rixx Javix' new corp Stay Frosty and was looking forward to being a part-time pirate. My biggest contribution to the corp was 150 Million ISK I donated to the corp wallet; nothing offered up by way of kills. Sadly I never really got into gear with Stay Frosty. Finding time to log on Geo, in addition to doing all the CEO stuff for my corp and the bits and pieces I need to do for the alliance just wasn't possible. I was logged on a couple of times with the guys and they all seemed a decent bunch. Sadly I never managed to fleet up with them and the times I was on there was nothing much going on but to solo hunt.

Solo play is something I'm not a massive fan of. When there is nobody else to hunt or run sites with is when I normally take care of buyback schemes and other dull administrivia in Z3R0. Scanning is also a valid preparatory solo activity too and benefits my whole corp. Solo hunting with Geo just didn't appeal massively to me, mainly because I don't have the knowledge of PvP to have a good idea of what I'm doing. This is entirely my failings and does not reflect on Stay Frosty. If you're looking for a good corp to join and have the time and motivation to do the solo hunting as well as occasionally fleet up I whole heartedly recommend Stay Frosty. One day I may go back when I have more time and/or more clue on what I'm doing in solo combat.

So where is Geo now? Well the above reasons for why I left Stay Frosty pointed me firmly in the direction of a much larger corp with a stream of fleet activities. I don't have a massive attraction to nullsec so looking there didn't even cross my mind. One large, noob-friendly group that has been attracting a lot of attention recently is Brave Newbies. From their initial creation they have made a meteoric rise in numbers to well over 6000 pilots today. Of course, the same demands on my time exist today as did during my time in Stay Frosty. Hopefully there will be more fleets for me to be anonymous in, do as I'm told, and whelp cheap ships hysterically.

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