2 March 2012

Visions Of New Eden - VII

New Beginnings
It's only a couple of years since I first undocked in one of these ships. To be honest, I've done quite a lot in my time as a capsuleer so I can barely remember struggling to earn that first few ISK which let me buy a real frigate. I hear the training and initial agent gifts have improved a little since then.


  1. I miss the Velator. To me it is one of the greatest ship designs in the game. It's this weird, smooth, asymmetric biomechanic thing that you just wish to be great ... only very soon you realize it can't hardly do anything.

    When crucible came out I took some alts I only made, so I could have portraits for my fictional characters, flying around. One of them in a Velator. This ship still looked great against the new backdrop of New Eden. Even better. I still find it sad that it's not a better ship. The Atron/Taranis/Ares also looks great, though. Same design philosophy. If only the Dominix would look something along those lines.

    1. With a redesign for the Velator in the works I thought it would be nice to record this old ship for posterity.

      And, yes, you do quickly realise how rubbish they are - I lost one to belt rats taking this image.