9 March 2012


I just realised it's Friday. There should be a screenshot from around New Eden here but clearly there isn't. To be honest, I've not spent much time undocked this week to facilitate the taking of interesting images from around New Eden. So, what have I been doing? Well, in one word, invention.

And what a time sink invention can be. I like to batch up my invention runs to give me a month of runway. I have about 160 BPCs to turn into about 60 T2 ammo BPCs and do five at a time. With a 40 minute wait between invention runs this basically means I sit at a POS running these with not enough time to go do something else productive, but too much time to feel like I'm being involved in the process. As a result the days just fly by.

Also, I tend to zone out and not pay attention to external interactions indicated on my pod interface. Each time I stir to set another round of invention on the go I find unanswered convos blinking at me. Often the convo initiator has given up on me ever replying. Saying 'hi' seems pointless after 20+ minutes of inactivity.

It would be nice to set a queue of invention tasks up - simply drop all the required materials in the right place and set it running - hint hint. Then Dhal could sit back and relax and Orea could get on with the serious business of stealing liberating Sleeper technology.


  1. Hi there,

    maybe I can give you an advice on that topic.
    There is a skill (think it is scientific networking) which allows you to put in jobs remotely. "sure but i can't see the lab hangar" right! you don't BUT you can install invention jobs with the bpcs lying in station in the same system. You need a corp office for that but once you got that, you can install the invention through the corp asset menu or the "corporation blueprint" menu in the science and industries window. You must be in the same region and within the jump range your skill allows but it is still a great help. you can do a shopping tour, scanning, mining or missioning and just put the new stuff on.

    Further more i suggest to train Advanced laboratory operation to 4 so you can put in 10 jobs. than you can stack your invention to last 80 minutes. or run twice as much.
    If you already have that and need the other jobs to copy your bpos i would suggest to make a poor new char who just gets lab op to 4 and use that one for copy jobs.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I did try to remotely start the jobs as that's how I run my copying and ME/PE research. I can't fully remember the errors I got but I'm sure it was complaining about the materials to consume (BPCs and Datacores) not being present in the lab hanger. After messing around I decided it was quicker to just kick everything into the lab and hang out in space.

      If you're saying the remote start does work with the datacores, BPCs and data interface all in the station corp hanger I guess I need to give it another go and maybe see where I went wrong.