12 March 2015


I meant to post about the CSM elections before the voting ended but life and some actually playing EVE got in the way. I hope you all voted. I took the lazy way out and followed the listing posted by Sugar Kyle. I enjoy reading her blog and believe her focus is on fixing the game in the best way possible rather than trying to eke out some edge for herself. I trust she picked candidates she thinks will align best with her beliefs so her list is likely better than anything my under-informed self could ever come up with.

To be honest I've felt somewhat underwhelmed by the CSM this past year. I can't entirely put my finger on why that is. There may be some element of feeling that CCP paid less attention to them than the past couple of CSMs. Hearing that they all cliqued up against their own member, Funky Bacon, was a negative against them too. That smacks of poor professionalism and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Anyway, their year is almost over. If the majority of people feel the same as I do then there will be a large changing of the guard for CSM X. Hopefully that will reset things and a better CCP:CSM relationship will be borne for 2015/16.

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