7 March 2013

Nothing to see here

I've been missing for a couple of weeks. I've not had anything exciting to write about. Sad really. I had a week away in the USA to give a best man speech at my friends wedding. It's surprising how tired I felt for a week coming back partly due to the five hour time difference. So tired that I actually stayed up to run the eleven accrued anomalies in my home wormhole. Fast forward several hours and several beers and I was rather drunk and babbling nonsense but we had eleven less anoms and up many hundreds of millions of ISK.

Other than that I've been fully in market mode. We had hoarded rather a lot of PI in our wormhole and a fortuitous connection to another wormhole in the alliance gave me the opportunity to move a few hundred million cubic metres of stuff to our alliance mate's C3. The plan was for me to use my alt who lives with them to move it out their semi-frequent hisec connections. Thankfully the CEO of that corp moved it all out while I was giving my bad speech leaving me the simple task of hauling it all to Jita and selling it.

What a lot of junk we had and now it's almost all sold. I never want to update a sell order again. I honestly don't know how people can be pure marketeers. I'm just not cut out for that. CCP should maybe think about forgetting about ISK fractions below 1000 ISK. Bloody 0.01 ISKers.

I've also had to catch up on my T2 BPC invention. One thing I'd love to know is why CCP insist on showing menu options that don't apply. Examples would be research options on BPCs or Invention on T2 BPCs. Given the client must know these are BPCs given it shows a different icon to BPOs or T1 BPCs why can't it also show a smaller menu. I know the UI is dated and slowly catching up, but those options should never have been displayed from day one.

This has been a bit of a stream of conciousness to prove I am still alive and I am still playing EVE. I'll leave you with a nice panoramic screenshot to enjoy. Hopefully I'll return next time with a more contiguous story to tell.

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