24 May 2012

Unified Inventory

I was going to write a post defending the new unified inventory system. I have been thoroughly beaten in that plan however. Who else but Jester has written a very good post about it. We also have a slightly negative but well written post from Seismic Stan highlighting the over-entitled attitude of some of the more active forum posters. I think between both of them they covered everything I was going to say.

For the record I am pretty much in favour of the new system. Yes, it took a little to get used to but this is just because it is different, not because it sucks. Living in wormhole space my biggest concern was the complications in my corp members dealing with several CHAs all appearing as "Corporate Hanger Array" in the sidebar. Today, CCP fixed that my making CHAs nameable. They even dealt with my minor issue of all the POS guns being listed by collapsing them under another level of hierarchy. The only improvement I can think of now is to only display containers within range in the sidebar - I'm rarely within 2500m of the POS guns so why show them at all?

Now, to all the cry babies in the EVE-O forums who've been threatening to quit over the new inventory system. Here's a little tip, either say it and go or don't and don't. A threat like that only works once and that was Incarna. You've had your wildcard now give up with the extreme threats as they have no weight anymore. All repeating this threat does is further dilute it to the point of being comical. Actually, it already is comical. Each time I read it in the forums I have a little chuckle to myself. I suspect CCP forum masters also giggle somewhat.


  1. Cheers for the link. I didn't mean for my post to come across as negative, but I feel all this furore could have been avoided if SiSi testing was listened to by devs or if the CSM had played a more active role. It's all been terribly mismanaged. Whether we end up with a useful inventory tool is almost irrelevant, it's clear that it is an unfinished project not yet suitable for commercial release. It just wasn't ready.

    1. Re-reading your post I guess you're not particularly negative. Your post appeared in my reader quite close to Jester who was very supportive of it so probably anyone's post was going to appear negative in comparison.

      A lot of what CCP release isn't really ready. That's pretty much been the case for as long as I've played. This is also try for most successful software companies. You have to choose which bugs you are happy to launch with. If you don't you will never launch. Personally I would rather see more new things with slight issues than less new things that are perfect.

      The more I use the new inventory system the more I realise I needed it. It's a familiar way to increase efficiency working with many containers (especially now we can rename POS modules). I like it and I've not seen a truly compelling reason to lose the rag at CCP for releasing it the way it is.