3 February 2012


It seems someone had spotted me massaging tech 2 ammo profit numbers for my friend Dhal whilst hanging around the mess hall. What started as a simple complement about me being organised with spreadsheets quickly escalated to something entirely different. As of a few days ago I was elevated to the lofty heights of being a C-suite corp member. My remit? I am to look after finances as the corp CFO.

Interesting challenge accepted.

I quickly set to work checking out the standard set of tools provided by my corporation to manage the ISK flow. I couldn't find anything useful which would display anything other than a vast vomit of numbers; an archaic sorting list of charge types, most of which I've never seen used; and no way to filter out items I wasn't interested in. Oh well, time to create my own tools.

So far I've spent several hours mirroring the relevant data stored in our creaking finances database into my own, vastly more performant database. I now have the ability to view the things I am interested in, hide the things I'm not, and pretend the whole thing takes longer than it actually does.

Well, I'm still working on that last item. I need to do something about a pretty interface, but that can wait.

Guess I'll be spending more time in the POS shuffling numbers around. Oh crap, I forgot to ask about a salary...


  1. Salary? You do it for the love man! FOR THE LOVE

    1. Well, yes. But when I close my eyes I see little rectangular boxes with numbers in them. That can't be good.